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Share your story February 4, 2009



Hi there,, my name is Ghienaa,, you can call me “ghie“. I’m so happy to share my story with you..

Oh, I’m 18 years old now.. I can speak in 2 language:  Bahasa Indonesia and English (insya Allah, he..) plus one: Basa Sunda… I’m working at one of many company in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

I want to share more story about me to you, I can’t hold this again..

So, I will start writing now .  .  .



You can write your story in this page too…


3 Responses to “Share your story”

  1. adin QR Says:

    nice blog with an interest design
    so i should be a first person who give a testi..than nice to seeu ukht gina..keep always stay turn on qommunity radio,perhaps u can call u’r friend to join with us..anyway have a nice ukhuwah regard from kairo

  2. akangckp Says:


    Euleuh2… urang sunda sanes ieu teh?
    hatur tepang wanoh nyaa ti simkuring (sanes tukang karung pami karung kuring kurang kuring kurang kerung yaa..)


    :•: >>

  3. ikrar Says:


    salam kenal…
    ga bisa tukeran link yah? hehehe

    hatur nuhun…

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